1. 2D-3D interactive simulation editor  


  • This is a complete immersive interactive software. where the students and teachers can create,edit and completely interact.
  • This software offers to create 3D objects and allows interaction with them.
  • With the help of this software the students can understand the whole concept because it will be visualised in front of him. Hence makes learning fun


aaa1.JPG aaa1.JPG
Size : 53.406 Kb
Type : JPG
aaa2.JPG aaa2.JPG
Size : 243.055 Kb
Type : JPG
aaa3.JPG aaa3.JPG
Size : 53.359 Kb
Type : JPG
SymTorrent_v1.5_unsigned_NokiaS60v5.sis SymTorrent_v1.5_unsigned_NokiaS60v5.sis
Size : 246.508 Kb
Type : sis
final.patt final.patt
Size : 10.039 Kb
Type : patt
Picture 001.bmp Picture 001.bmp
Size : 448.959 Kb
Type : bmp
Shelby GT 500 tuned.3ds Shelby GT 500 tuned.3ds
Size : 1443.887 Kb
Type : 3ds
engine.ive engine.ive
Size : 6821.458 Kb
Type : ive


2. Interactive simulators of various subjects


  • These are the real time interactive simulations softwares for about 7000 individual topics.
  • Teachers and students can change the attributes and can visualise the change in physical state of the concept in real time.


2. Videos


  • A repository of animated videos to explain the concepts of various subjects to assist learning.



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